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1. Chat


Light Advertising

  1. Asking other players to join another server not affiliated with FruitsCraft
  2. Sharing a website or IP of another server not affiliated with FruitsCraft
    • This is not the same as joining the server with the sole intention of advertising another server
  1. Posting information into chat with the intention of baiting staff to punish them for other established rules
    • Putting either fake or their own information into chat
    • Typing other server IPs/domains that are owned by FruitsMusic/FruitsCraft under the guise that they're other servers
  1. Numerous unnecessarily capitalised letters, even if spread across more than one message
  2. Flooding chat, via sending more messages than necessary to convey a point
  3. Talking in gibberish, spamming random characters
  4. Using excessive amounts of unicode characters or using excessive "fancy chat"
Inappropriate Chat
  1. Topics:
    • Any sexual discussion
    • Encouraging someone to partake in illegal activities
  2. Intentional bypassing of the chat filter
  1. Repeatedly swearing at someone with intention to put down others
  2. Repeatedly verbally targeting a person, whether about that person, their creations, or anything not otherwise specified
  3. Any slur, discriminatory term, or statement against a group of people (disabilities, sexual identity, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, etc.)
  4. Political discussion posed to cause an argument
Extreme Toxicity
  1. Following the same guidelines set in Rule 1.c & Rule 1.e, this rule gives out a harsher punishment
  2. Only to be used when the intention of the player is to ruin the experience of everyone else through chat

2. Gameplay

Griefing & Stealing
  1. Destruction of property owned by others
    • Destruction of property you built for someone else
    • Destruction of property someone else built, not for you
    • Destruction or building upon land immediately surrounding someone else’s claim
  2. Taking items owned by others without permission
    • Taking items from any container without permission
    • Taking dropped items not intended to be picked up by you
    • Taking items from item frames or armour stands without permission
Inappropriate Builds
  1. Graphic depictions of sexual acts or genitalia (More than just an upside down T shape)
  1. Making a deal & not honouring it fully
  2. Misrepresenting the product to be received in a transaction
    • Such as selling an item named or disguised as a more valuable item
  1. Refusing to leave land someone owns after being asked, in a situation where the land owner cannot kick the loitering player out (Like what’s available on Skyblock)
  1. Intentionally abusing an exploit for gain, personal or otherwise
  2. Repeatedly abusing an exploit for gain, personal or otherwise once informed to stop

3. Cheating


Suspected Cheating

  1. Player appears to be using some form of cheats/hacks beyond a reasonable doubt without being able to explicitly prove it with evidence (e.g. YouTube video isn’t conclusive enough, but overall behaviour is conducive of a typical cheater)
Blatant Cheating/Hacking
  1. Without any doubt that the player is using hacks, such as flying

4. Severe



  1. Actively recruiting players to join another network
  2. Spamming the IP to another network
Inappropriate Character
  1. Inappropriate Usernames (Contains any form of swear word / discriminatory language)
  2. Inappropriate Skins (Any player skin that depicts sexual content or violates rules under toxicity of discrimination)
Severe Threats
  1. DDoS Threats
    • Any threat to attack the connection of the server or any user
  2. Dox Threats
    • Includes threats that require knowledge of the user's location
  3. Chargeback Threats
  4. Genuine Legal Action Threats
  1. Intentionally using methods to duplicate wealth or items
  2. Unintentionally duplicating sizeable wealth or items and not reporting it
Community Disruption
  1. DDoSing
    • Launch a DDoS/DoS attack on any member of the community, or the network itself
  2. Dox Threats
    • Posting personal information of any member, regardless of whether it is confirmed to be real or fake
  3. Botting
  4. Chargeback
  5. Legal Action
  6. Stealing content/ideas/property from FruitsCraft to replicate on another server or publish online
  7. Illegal Activities
    • Breaking any law that negatively affects any member of the community
    • Breaking any law that negatively impacts the server, Team Visionary, or FruitsMusic
  8. Causing significant issues within the community that aren't already covered by other rules