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FruitsCraft Skyblock - A Brief Explanation

FruitsCraft Skyblock - A Brief Explanation

Welcome to Skyblock! This post serves as a brief overview of all the core aspects of the game. Click any of the topics below to jump to that section of the post. We highly recommend players to also complete the in-game Tutorial if they have not done so already.

Getting Started Your Island Resource Islands Generators Skills Earning Money

Getting Started

Gameplay Objective

FruitsCraft aims to take a more narrative and progression-driven approach when it comes to Skyblock. The player is a newcomer looking to establish a home base on their island. In order to gather resources, they must interact with the three merchant guilds (Miners, Lumberjacks, and Farmers) in order to build trust with them and establish trade between the groups.

The Keystone

The Keystone is your constant companion throughout your Skyblock adventure. It will always be located at the last slot of your hotbar, and allows easy access to functions such as island management, the server shop, and fast traveling to resource islands.


Melons serve as the network-wide currency across FruitsCraft. They can be redeemed at the premium store (/buy in-game) in exchange for cosmetics and gameplay perks such as boosters or enhanced tools. Additionally, Melons can be used as an alternative payment method for purchasing island and generator upgrades.

Melons can be obtained as part of regular gameplay (e.g. completing quests, chance drops, etc.) or during community events. They are also given to those who have purchased a premium rank or Melon bundles through the webstore.

Your Island

Your island serves as your home base and creative space within Skyblock. If you do not have one already, you can make a new island using /is create.

By default, only you will be a member of your island. If you wish to invite other players, use /is invite <username> to send an invite request, which the targeted player can then accept or reject.

Island Settings

As the island owner, there are a variety of settings & options available for you to manage your island. By using the Keystone or typing /is settings, a menu will pop up allowing you to toggle public visibility, manage island members, modify role permissions, and more.

Island Upgrades

Island owners are able to purchase various enhancements through the island upgrades menu, accessed by the Keystone or typing /is upgrades. Most upgrades cost Coins, the currency of Skyblock, though some are locked behind rank requirements or progression achievements such as resource islands. All upgrades can alternatively be purchased ahead of time using Melons, where they will also be retained across island resets (unlike upgrades that were purchased using Coins).

Resource Islands

There are three type of resource islands: Mines, Forests, and Farms – each one controlled by their respective guild. Players can travel to the Tier 1 islands from the Skyport at spawn, while subsequent tiers can be accessed through the Skyports on each resource island.

Each resource island contains a variety of materials & mobs that the player will encounter, as well as a Town Center that serves as the guild headquarters for the island. A compactor can be located at each town, allowing for high quantities of resources to be quickly condensed and exchanged with the guilds. The town merchant initially sells protective armor & weapons for that tier of island, but expands its offerings to include generators & enhanced items as you progress through each island.

In order to gain trust with the controlling guild, the player must level up the island's Town Center by trading collected resources for perks & rewards. By reaching Level 2 of that island, you unlock the ability to advance to the next tier, and with Level 3 comes the ability to fast-travel to the current island using the Keystone.


By reaching Level 1 of each resource island, you unlock the ability to purchase its generator at the Town Shop. Generators can be placed down on player islands in order to automatically create and harvest resources without needing to go to that resource island yourself.

Generators require the area behind them to be completely empty, from floor level to the maximum height specified by its size upgrade. Once the area has been cleared, it will start creating a platform before generating fresh resources.

By default, generators only create resources and do not harvest them. Generator upgrades can be accessed through its menu (opened by right-clicking the generator), allowing for aspects such as the area, speed, and ore percentage to be increased. An automation upgrade can be purchased that unlocks the ability to harvest and store resources, with its own category of upgrades such as fortune effects or offline resource collection.


There are four primary skills within Skyblock: Mining, Forestry, Farming, & Melee. Each skill has an activation chance that doubles the amount of resources earned, and the Melee skill also increases the amount of damage dealt per hit.

Leveling up each skill increases the chance of its special ability to activate. As resources are collected using their respective tools, XP will be gathered for that skill and can be viewed either in the Keystone or by typing /skills.

Earning Money

Coins are primarily earned through selling resources gathered from generators or the resource islands. Raw materials can be sold directly at the server shop (/shop), while almost any item can be listed on the player-driven Auction House (/ah) for anyone in the community to purchase. Alternative methods for obtaining coins include chance drops or completing quests.

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