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Introducing Tomb Raids

Introducing Tomb Raids

New to FruitsCraft this Christmas, Tomb Raids provide you with a plethora of bosses with varying abilities and difficulties across many raids, stages, levels, and waves in return for exclusive rewards.

Raid Breakdown

Tomb Raids are broken down into multiple different areas: Raids, Stages, Levels, and Waves. You can think of each type as a subsection of the previous one. A simple explanation for this is as follows — Raids are made up of several stages, stages are made up of several levels, and levels are made up of one or more waves.

The default starting raid is broken down into the following stages:

  • Zombie Stage
  • Spider Stage
  • Skeleton Stage
  • Witch Stage
  • Enderman Stage
  • Creeper Stage
  • Piglin Stage
  • Tomb Keeper Stage
Completing a level for the first time will net you better rewards, including potentially cosmetics. Subsequent completions will still net you rewards, but these will not be as good as first-time completion.

You must complete each wave to complete a level to progress to the next, in which you must complete all levels in a stage to progress to the next, and finally you must complete all stages within a raid to complete it. Each level completed will earn you a variety of rewards. Typically, completing a stage will reward you with an exclusive cosmetic or other reward.

A level can consist of one or more waves that increase in difficulty. You must complete all waves within a level in order to complete it, otherwise you start over from wave 1 if you fail.

Energy & Refills

You must have a sufficient amount of Energy to enter a level. The cost to enter is dependent on which level you are entering, and will be outlined when hovering over the level's icon. Levels in lower stages will typically cost only 1 Energy point, whereas higher levels may cost upwards of 2-3 Energy points.

There is a maximum number of Energy that you can hold at any given time, with no additional Energy being given if you hold the maximum. If you do not have the maximum Energy, then you will regain a total of 1 Energy point per hour.

If you would like to regain your Energy quicker, then you may purchase an Energy Refill from the Melon Store (/buy). Upon claiming it, an Energy Refill will set your Energy back to the maximum possible. If you do not have enough Melons to purchase an Energy Refill, you may purchase additional Melons at the FruitsCraft Store.

NOTE: It is recommended to only use an Energy Refill when your Energy is either very low or completely depleted, in order to get the most optimal usage.

Bosses & Abilities

Bosses are higher level versions of vanilla mobs, able to output a higher amount of damage, have more health, and can possess various abilities. How you tackle them depends on the kind of mob you are fighting, and the weapons and armor you are using.

Boss abilities can vary substantially depending on the boss. Each ability has its own conditions and cooldowns. Bosses may possess some of the following abilities (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Lightning
    • Fires rings of flame particles at your current location, then strikes a bolt of lightning at that location shortly after
  • Disable Shield
    • If you are using your shield, it will be forced into cooldown and unusable momentarily
  • Flame Aura
    • Sets you on fire if you get too close to the boss


Upon completion of a level, you will be given various rewards. Your rewards will depend on whether you are completing a level for the first time, or if it is a repeat completion.

Rewards can vary depending on the level and stage you are currently playing. Completing stages for the first time can typically yield you exclusive cosmetics rewards. Other rewards can be as follows:

  • Claimblocks
  • Coins
  • Exclusive Cosmetics
  • Materials
  • Melons
  • Silver
  • Skill XP
  • Spawner Shards

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